Asya-Pasifik Bölgesi’ndeki sözleşmeli araştırma kuruluşları (SAK) stratejik partner olarak ortaya çıkıyorlar.


Top 20 Contract Research Organizations – Asia-Pacific Positioned to Benefit from Rising Financial and Regulatory Pressures

Contract Research Organizations are Emerging as Strategic Partners

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is currently forming strategic partnerships with contract research organizations in order to capitalize on their global presence and research expertise. Such agreements with contract research organizations are designed to improve the time to market and reduce costs. The service models of contract research organizations are evolving to become more functional, and now include services which are outsourced based on an analysis of their core competencies.

The increasing focus on strategic partnerships will drive growth in emerging outsourcing destinations which have many small niche contract research organizations specializing in different functions. These partnerships help biopharmaceutical companies to reduce the time of approval by approximately one month and reduce costs by about 15 – 20%. Pharmaceutical companies will therefore rely on contract research organizations throughout the world to enhance the strength of their product pipeline by bringing drugs to approval faster.





India and China Attract Increased Contract Research Outsourcing due to Competitive Benefits and Increased Regulatory Compliance

The US and Europe dominate the contract research outsourcing market and account for the majority of clinical research activities. However, this trend is changing with the emergence of regions such as Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, India and China as preferred locations for outsourcing. Over the last decade, India and China have developed significant capabilities in drug discovery research, and considerable capabilities in Phase I and II clinical trials.

Both countries are able to provide significant cost savings in the range of 60 – 70% for discovery research and clinical trials. With discovery research occupying close to one-third of R&D expenditure for the Western pharmaceutical industry, outsourcing to low-cost countries is a logical cost saving strategy.

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