Digital Health Zirvesi Eylül’de gerçekleşecek.

Digital Health Zirvesi 11-12 Eylül tarihlerinde gerçekleştirilecek.


Digital Health Summit Turkey (Program için tıklayın)

Digital Health Summit is designed for sharing best real-life experiences and answer questions how to integrate digital channels into our daily business.

This is not a place where people talk about the importance and usage of digital media, but a new event format designed to effectively answer your toughest questions.

  • Digital Approach in Health Politics Environment
  • Traditional vs Multi-Channel Marketing: Are we ready for the change?
  • Self-Regulation and Information Technology Law
  • Social Media Applications in Healthcare
  • How far can you communicate? A Real Patient Story
  • Psychological Effects of Social Media
  • Effectiveness of E-Mail Marketing: Targeted Communication
  • New Marketing Trends After Digitalization from The Perspective of Healthcare Industry
  • Technology Experts: How Do They See The Digitalization of The Healthcare Industry?
  • Digital Detailing: Achieving the Paradigm Shift
  • Did Patient/Physician Relationship Change?
  • Digital Media Success Stories From Other Industries
  • Digital Communication Approach of The Hospitals
  • Physician Networks
  • Globalization of Digital Projects in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Future of e-Medical Publication and Learning
  • The Digital Side of Learning at the Health Sector
  • Social Media Considerations in Pharmacovigilance
  • How Do The Physicians Communicate in The Digital World