Dünya Sağlık Örgütü (DSÖ)’nden yetişkinler ve çocuklarda sodyum ve potasyum alımı ile ilgili kılavuz (İng)



WHO Issues New Guidelines on Sodium and Potassium Intake for Adults and Children

By Cara Adler

Most children and adults worldwide should consume less sodium and more potassium to reduce risk for cardiovascular disease, according to a pair of new guidelines issued by WHO late last week.

WHO recommends that adults consume less than 2 grams of sodium (5 grams of salt) and more than 3510 mg of potassium from food daily. For children older than 2 years, these amounts should be lowered proportionately to account for children’s lower energy requirements.

This is the first time WHO has recommended limits on sodium intake for children and the first time WHO has offered dietary potassium recommendations.