EMA, farmakovijilans mevzuatını açıklayan video yayınlıyor.


Avrupa İlaç Ajansı (EMA), farmakovijilans mevzuatını açıklayan video yayınlıyor.


European Medicines Agency publishes video explaining pharmacovigilance legislation

The European Medicines Agency has produced a video with an introduction to the newpharmacovigilance legislation. Watch Dr Peter Arlett, Head of Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management, talking about the new and improved tools for regulators in Europe to ensure that patients are not exposed to unnecessary risks when taking medicines.

The new pharmacovigilance legislation came into operation on 2 July 2012. Its aim is to promote and protect public health by strengthening the existing Europe-wide system for monitoring the safety and benefit-risk balance of medicines.

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