Pfizer zatürre/menenjitin önlenmesinde kullanılan aşısı Prevnar 13’ü fakir ülkelerde ucuz satacak (İng)


Pfizer Prevnar Vaccine Doses For Poor Nations

Posted by Paul Fiddian – Pharmaceutical International’s Lead Reporter on 30/07/2013

Pharmaceutical firm Pfizer Inc. has finalised a deal that will see its Prevnar 13 pneumonia/meningitis prevention vaccine deployed en masse in undeveloped nations.

The term of the deal will see the product made available at an extremely low price and, in all, 260 million shots of Prevnar 13 will be delivered.

This is Pfizer’s third such contribution to a novel healthcare programme uniting drug manufacturers, charities and governments alike in supplying some of the world’s poorest communities with vitally-needed vaccines.

Prevnar 13 Vaccine

The Prevnar 13 vaccine tackles 13 pneumococcal disease strains including those responsible for meningitis, pneumonia and various infections of the bloodstream. Presently, a single Prevnar dose is priced at just under $130 in the United States, so is well beyond the reach of the majority of African, Asian and Latin American nations.

However, back in 2009, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a number of countries allocated $1.5bn to support affordable vaccine provision services. With this funding in place, a trial programme was launched involving pharmaceutical firms prepared to make vaccines available at a maximum cost of $3.50 a dose, with pneumococcal vaccines first in line.

Pfizer: Poor Nation Vaccine Doses

Pfizer emerged as one of these firms and, twice now, has launched poor nation dose supply programmes. The latest vaccine provision deal sees Prevnar 13 priced at $3.40 a dose: a fraction of its cost in other parts of the world.

“Pfizer is dedicated to broadening vaccine access and helping to improve health outcomes around the world, and we’re proud to make Prevnar 13 available through the AMC program”, Pfizer’s vaccines president, Susan Silbermann, commented. “Strong vaccination programs are a cornerstone of economic development – a simple intervention that has dramatic short and long term impact on health.

“Since first offering Prevnar 13 through the AMC in 2010, we have continued to support this revolutionary public health program that helps those most in need of potentially lifesaving vaccinations.”