Filip Babylon EMA’da farmakovijilans role sahip oluyor (İng)



Filip Babylon gains pharmacovigilance role at EMA

Published: 11/04/2013

Former PGEU president Filip Babylon has been appointed to the new Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) of the European Medicines Agency.

The new committee was created by the Pharmacovigilance Directive adopted in 2010.

Mr Babylon, a practising community pharmacist in northern Belgium, as well as president of the Belgian pharmacy association APB, will represent health professionals on the new committee. He attended his first meeting of the PRAC this week.

The committee will play a key role in overseeing medication safety throughout the European Union.

The appointment is a recognition of the key role community pharmacists play in identifying and reporting adverse drug reactions and other medication safety issues, the EMA say.

The appointment is also an acknowledgment of the need to take into account the understanding of medication safety issues gained in practice settings such as community pharmacies.