Araştırmaya göre, statin kullanımı enerji düşüklüğüne yol açıyor.

Statin Use Linked to Fatigue in Randomized Trial

Statin Use Linked to Fatigue in Randomized Trial

Statin use leads to decreased energy and increased fatigue with exertion, especially among women, according to a randomized trial published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Researchers randomized some 1000 adults with elevated LDL cholesterol — and without cardiovascular disease or diabetes — to simvastatin (20 mg/day), pravastatin (40 mg/day), or placebo. At 6 months, statin use was associated with significant worsening in energy and exertional fatigue, with simvastatin accounting for most of the ill effects. Women seemed particularly affected.

The authors say this is the “first randomized evidence affirming unfavorable statin effects” on these outcomes. They conclude that such effects “merit consideration when prescribing or contemplating use of statins, particularly in groups without expected net morbidity/mortality benefit.”

Archives of Internal Medicine research letter