3. MENA Ülkeleri Klinik Araştırmalar Toplantısı…


3rd Annual Advancing Clinical Research in Turkey, the Middle East & North Africa

Tarih: 18-19 June, 2013

Yer: Istanbul, Turkey


With little growth in the traditional regions of North America and Western Europe, industry sponsored clinical trials are increasingly conducted in emerging regions. Escalating competition for sites and subjects, as well as high costs in the more established territories are prompting companies to look for advantages and new opportunities.

Factors, such as a large and eager patient population, competitive trial budgets, and fast recruitment rates at fewer sites offers the potential for quick and inexpensive studies as well as subsequent market potential.

While the development of Turkey, the Middle East and North African region has been limited so far, currently there is a renewed and growing interest as governments are beginning to take measures to improve regulatory requirements and harmonise clinical trial laws in order to become more attractive and boost investment in the region. 

With its close proximity to Europe, a large treatment naive patient population who otherwise lack access to advanced therapies, and highly motivated, Western trained capable investigative teams the Middle East and North Africa represent one of the last relatively untapped markets. Local knowledge and early involvement will be the essential factors in generating success.

NextLevel Pharma’s “Advancing clinical research in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa” will bring together the local regulators and ethics committees, alongside experienced investigators and study personnel as well as clinical trial experts from pharma and CROs. It will examine in detail, the key regulatory, clinical, outsourcing and environmental factors which impact the clinical trials. Particular and specific attention will be given to Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Jordan & Lebanon via separate, focused, streamed conference sessions . 

Event Structure

Why this event?

  • Gain vital local knowledge by hearing updates on the varied and changing clinical regulations.
  • Meet regulators and KOLs from the region to maximise your regional networks.
  • Adapt your tactics to train, motivate and retain the clinical teams and patients in these specific regions.
  • Discover what is the most efficient operating model to maximise your recruitment potential in this exciting region.
  • Hear case study presentations from experts active in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa region, sharing their clinical experiences and lessons learned.
  • Network and build the contacts & relationships you need at NextLevel Pharma’s very popular & entertaining networking dinner.


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